201 creative writing prompts for speculative fiction writers

for Writers of Fantasy, Steampunk, Science Fiction & Horror

Looking for new ideas for your fiction? This book contains 201 creative writing prompts to unleash your muse. These are tailored for the writer looking to cast a little magic in their fiction, and will spur on adventures for your characters in the horror, science fiction, fantasy, and steampunk genres. Each prompt is accompanied by an inspirational quote and a picture. A robust introduction summarizes the genres and describes how to use the prompts to get your mind in the habit of routinely producing great ideas. Prompts are a fantastic way to try out writing as a hobby, or to develop your next novel idea. With this book in hand, you'll set your imagination on fire!

Please note: this book was previously published as Speculative Fiction: 167 Creative Writing Prompts to Jump-Start Your Fantasy, Steampunk, and Horror Stories. It has been expanded and re-released in this revised second edition. 


Praise for a previous edition:

If you are a writer, you need this book.
— Dennis Waller
…  you have in your hands a book of quotes and ideas that stimulate and excite. Ideas that once consumed tend to percolate and cause just enough internal agitation to make you want to sit down and write something… HIGHLY recommended.
— TolkeinFan
These prompts are such fun! I recommend this book for writers seeking new inspiration or who just want a useful (and potentially quick) exercise as part of their writing routine. It would also be handy for homeschooling parents and English or creative writing teachers.
— Annie Douglass Lima