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Across the veil

a paranormal/time-travel romance

Burned when her ex-boyfriend drains her bank account, practical and independent Cassandra Raines is determined that no man will come between her and the life she desires. Just as she thinks everything is under control, an enchanted necklace circles her throat and alters her world forever. 

With the aid of a local pagan witch, the magical necklace shows her a time when she was Juliet Claire, a well-to-do 1920s flapper, straining at the social bonds of her mother’s generation. Juliet becomes embroiled in Chicago’s underworld of bootlegging and gang warfare. When events of the present begin to mirror events of the past, Cassandra struggles to learn fate’s lesson in time to avoid the peril from Across the Veil. 

Across the Veil blends historical fiction with magical elements to create a thrilling tale of adventure, time travel, and romance. Romantic, passionate, and bittersweet, this intelligent, thriller will sweep you away.