Arcadia Unlocked

Book one in the arcadia litrpg series

As a code monkey for Goliath Corp., Trent Webb feels like a cog in the machine. He wants nothing more than to visit the newly discovered magical continent of Arcadia. But the price is too steep for mere mortals like him, so Trent settles for the next best thing … Arcadia VR.

The virtual reality vacation outfitters at VR World have a package that provides an MMORPG experience in Arcadia—complete with elves, mythical creatures like griffins and unicorns, and lads and lasses in distress—in short, everything Trent needs to become the hero he yearns to be.

However, once he’s in the game, Trent discovers a much larger quest, one that may actually affect the real world as he knows it.

Arcadia Unlocked is the first book in the Arcadia LitRPG series.

Coming Soon.

Advance praise for Arcadia Unlocked ...

I’m a big LitRPG fan, and I’ve read it all. It takes a lot for me to like a book. But Arcadia Unlocked is freaking awesome.

The characters, the setting, and the writing is awesome. I also really dug the game mechanics. It made me feel like I was really playing the game, and the the VR from the story already existed today.

Very, very cool. I can’t wait for the next one!
— Mike Stop Continues
This is a fast and fun trip to another world! There were some very funny moments, but what I loved most was the world of Arcadia. This is everything I hoped it would be, and I can’t wait for more adventures set in Arcadia.
— Kerry McQuaide
Fast-paced and action-oriented, Arcadia Unlocked wastes no time getting you right into a familiar, but unique VR gaming experience.

The action and leveling are smooth, and the gaming elements seem well thought-out.

Multiple times, I found myself laughing out loud at things that only long-time MMO players would understand. The author clearly knows her stuff!

I read the entire story from beginning to end in one sitting, and the ending left me with just enough questions that I can’t wait for the next book. Good job!
— Han Yu-Ning